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0602 Caparica I - from 40 € per night max. 4 persons
50 qm
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Elevator or max 1st floor

This apartment at Caparica I is just 10 km away from central Lisbon and a mere 500 m from the famous beach of Costa da Caparica. With a background of limestone cliffs, rolling sand duns and beaches stretching over 30 km down to Albufeira Lagoon, this area is a protected fossilized cliff of geological importance. And Lisbon is less than 30 min. away by bus over the suspension bridge. The apartment is situated in a quiet area on the 6th floor in a friendly and safe neighbourhood.


0604 Caparica III - from 40 € per night max. 4 persons
60 qm
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
Balcony / terrace
Elevator or max 1st floor

This nice Caparica III apartment is a carefully furnished apartment at a beautiful country side location. You'll reach the great Atlantic sea shore within 8 minutes on foot and Lisbon city centre within 20 minutes by car.