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0503 Zoo Garden - New - from 230 € per night max. 10 persons
150 qm
4 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Balcony / terrace
Air Conditioning
Elevator or max 1st floor

The luxury Zoo Garden apartment is a carefully restored and furnished apartment in a perfectly city centre location, close to Jardim Zoológico, Lisbon's zoo. This apartment is a perfectly styled home away from home. You won't miss any luxury. Next metro stations Laranjeiras and Zoo are within easy walking distance.


0602 Caparica I - from 55 € per night max. 4 persons
50 qm
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Elevator or max 1st floor

Caparica I is just 10 km away from central Lisbon and a mere 1000 m from the famous beach of Costa da Caparica. With a background of limestone cliffs, rolling sand duns and beaches stretching over 30 km down to Albufeira Lagoon. Lisbon is less than 50 min. away by ferry, bus or train over the huge and famous suspension bridge 25.Abril.